Join us as we explore the Earth's atmosphere and travel to near-space in a high-altitude balloon!  Powered by helium and the jet stream, it floats to the edge of space, around 30km above Earth, capturing scientific data and amazing pictures of its adventure. At peak altitude, the balloon bursts and a huge parachute returns it to a nearby landing site; we can track its path by satellite to retrieve the cargo and analyse the captured data.

Our second flight, Stargazer 2, launched right here in Atlanta GA at Pace Academy. Our very own girls’ STEAM club was flight crew.  In preparation, we studied maps and weather forecasts and discovering principles of physics, chemistry and mathematics to calculate its trajectory, plot its expected course and prepare the equipment, cargo and FAA notice for launch day.  We were full of questions and learned so much!   Landing was near Highlands, NC, so retrieval was an adventure. 

Here are a few of the thousands of photographs from the four hour flight of SG2 from October 21, 2017.  For more information on this spectacular voyage, please contact us.