Tutoring and Enrichment Programs in Mathematics

Mathematical Bridge presents a fun, innovative approach to learning mathematics, ranging from tutorial-style lessons to reinforce and practice skills, to a more challenging, entertaining curriculum designed to stretch the mathematically ambitious child.  We work at each child's own pace, in an interesting, stimulating and friendly way.

  • Is your child curious about the world of math, and fascinated by the beauty of the math in everyday life? 

  • Does your child need a more challenging, creative and face-paced curriculum to add to what the school math program offers, with advanced topics presented in a clear, intuitive and age-appropriate context?

  • Would your child benefit from independent coaching and practice from a different perspective, to polish his/her math skills for school, gain confidence and thrive in their classroom?

  • Help him/her learn more, with an exciting course that is tailored to your own child's interests with lots of one-to-one interaction.

  • With plenty of applications and worked exercises, your child can develop an instinct for the art of mathematics, so he/she can approach future topics of study with confidence and intuition.